May 17, 2011


As promised my lovely "Karen's World of Beauty" Reader's, I'm back with coverage of Day 2 of The Makeup Show in New York.  Like last year (and the year before) I stayed up late going through products and writing my blog post so unfortunately I was late for Day 2.  My whole schedule of planned activity got thrown off because I was late and then I got lured in by the vendors so I mostly spend time shopping and talking. So here's how the day went...

First stop was the NARS cosmetic booth to renew my Pro Discount and check out their new collection for Fall 2011...I'm so in love with this new eyeshadow trio:
It was so crazy at the booth that I couldn't swatch colors but I plan on making a trip to their new Soho boutique in NYC.  I'll be doing a review of the product line and their swanky new digs at 413 Bleecker (they even named a Pure Matte lipstick after their address). Stay tuned lovelies!

I was so happy that I made it to the 2nd Floor and checked out the Career and Resource Seminar "Women In the Industry" with several women I greatly admire; (from left to right in pic) Eve Pearl, Danessa Myricks, Eugenia Weston and Sue Devitt.

All the women on the panel were so geniue, informative, helpful, supportive, honest....I could go on and on. It really was refreshing and encouraging to hear their experiences and get their input as women working in the Beauty/Makeup Industry.  I got a chance to take a picture with one of my Makeup Mentors (in my head anyway) Eve Pearl.
When I decided to do makeup professionally, I took my first seminar with Eve Pearl through The Powder Group. That was almost 9 years ago and I still remember the lessons I learned from her...she was so patient and helpful. 

After seeing Eve I decided to head over to her booth to check out any new products.  Her "Salmon" Concealer was a big part of my evolution as Makeup Artist and understanding color theory. Thanks to that miracle product you can color correct the darkest under-eye circles even on the fairest skin. I love it!!! However since I have all the shades of concealer and alot of other products I only purchased her Moisturizing Primer and some mini powder puffs (Eve's only place I know to buy them). I did get the chance to swatch some of her eyeshadows quads...see below:

I also did a brief interview with Liz Sorgi of new online makeup resource, They will be posting my interview soon but you can check out their site in the meantime.  I will be posting some exclusive content to MugPaint's website from time to time so defintely register as a member.

One of my favorite Makeup Artist friend, Mia Hendrick, hipped me to a new makeup line called Beauty Addicts so I went to check them out.  Here's pictures of their cosmetic's like candy to my inner little girl. Yummy!
Thanks to the lovely Jenine of Beauty Addicts, I was given the opportunity to test out several of their beauty products so keep an eye out for my video review in the near future Readers!

After that I went by OCC Makeup booth to chat with Creator David Klasfeld to give him my feedback on his new OCC Skin Tints.  They are awesome! I wore combination of OCC Tints in Y5 and R5 for today's makeup look along with "Anime" Lip Tar on my kisser. Everyone was asking me what lip color I was wearing. OCC's website describes color as an "intense, no holds-barred neon pink"...I just call it lovely! LOL. (I'ts hard to see lip color in this crappy BlackBerry phone picture but trust me this color is BOLD!)

I ran into some more Makeup Artist friends as I was making a final loop around the main vending floor. 
Time was running down so I made a few more stops to pick up some items for my professional makeup kit. I must admit though that the majority of my purchases were for moi!

I saw my of my favorite people in the world...Makeup Artist Valerie P. Hernandez from Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics!  She's their lead Makeup Artist and not only is she incredibly talented and informative about YB product's she's the sweetest person you'll ever meet. I love her to death!!!
Of course she talked me into buying (yes, I'm sure you know the answer already) more lipglosses!!! LOL! Here's swatches of some of their lovely mineral Lip Glosses...I swear I love every color they have. (I really do need help for my lip gloss addiction).

I also got a newer version of their incredible Hi-Def Hydrating Mineral Perfecting Powder, this one was tinted for warmer skin tones. Words can't convey how wonderful this powder is...its feel like cool silk on your skin and just melts into your face. I'm also a huge fan of their Minerals in the Mist spray. If you buy this spray please don't blame me if you get addicted because it's just lovely. My favorite is "Recharge" which smells like Tangerine and Grapefruit - it instantly perks me up and makes me feel happy.

The security guards were practically throwing us out of Metropolitan Pavillon as the makeup crowd was still lingering...talking and showing off their beauty hauls, etc. I managed to stop someone to take a picture of me in front of The Makeup Show logo wall to end my day at the 2011 edition of The Makeup Show New York. I look forward to The Makeup Show all year long and it goes by in a flash.

Here's pictures of my beauty haul for Day 2...I definitely went over budget but TMS only happens once a year so I guess I'm allowed. I just have to get back on strict beauty buying budget after this spending spree!

Well dear Readers, I hope you enjoyed my adventures at The Makeup Show 2011 and check back soon for product reviews and videos of several products.  Thanks again for your support!!

May 16, 2011


It's that special time of year again...time for The Makeup Show NYC!!! All year I'm like a kid waiting for Christmas for The Makeup Show to finally arrive. This is the Show's fifth consecutive year at Metropolitan Pavillon and it just continues to get better and better!  The Makeup Show is the largest PRO-ONLY driven beauty event in New York City and this year was the best yet (no small feat). Without further ado here's my run down of events for Day 1....

This day turned out to be totally devoted to shopping and running into Beauty Industry friends since I got there late. My first stop was at The Smashbox Cosmetics booth near the entrance. I swatched a few new eye and lip products:
 Left side - Limited Liquid Liner Pen  and on Right Side - Limitless Eye Liner

I had to purchase this new eyeshadow palette - Smashbox Softbox Eye Palette....I'm such a sucker for a pretty palette even if I know I have similiar colors individually. Sigh.

Next stop was Alcone for beauty supply staples for my Makeup Artist kit like Cinema Secrets brush cleaner, sponges, powder puffs, mini q-tips, mascara wands, makeup remover wipes, etc. These items are necessary for my work but very boring so I didn't take any pictures or include in makeup haul photo.  (I'm sure you'll forgive me).

Then it was on to more fun cosmetic purchases...Graftobian.  I love their Hi-Def Cream Foundation Palettes and always get a new one at each show. Here's pic of their tower display:

Hi Def Glamour Cream Palettes - Warm Palette #2 (top) and Warm Palette #3 (bottom)

I didn't take a picture at their booth but I also brought a Cinema's Secret Foundation Palette . I needed to buy a replacement for my kit - I like the colors so much in one palette it's almost empty.

I wanted to go to Make Up For Ever booth but as usual it was a total madhouse! They have a store in Union Square area so I figured that worst case scenario I would make a trip to the actually store. As long as I could use a pro discount I was happy. At the rate that they were selling products I think they were going to be sold out of anything I would want anyway and there were lots of other vendors.

I ran into a few famous faces in the Beauty Industry while roaming the vendor floor:
 Me with L'oreal Paris Celebrity Hairstylist - Johnny LaVoy
 Me with Celebrity Makeup Artist Danessa Myricks
 Me with Celebrity Makeup Artist Sam Fine

I wanted to visit some of my favorite beauty lines and of course that meant I had to go to Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetic (O.C.C.) booth!  If you're a long time "Karen's World of Beauty" Reader you know how much I love Founder David Klasfield and his innovative and genius products (previous blog post mentions).  He's come out with yet another new and amazing cosmetic product called "OCC Tints: Tinted Moisturizer".  Of course I had to add it to my pro makeup kit.  Here's a peek at some of the products in the OCC cosmetic line:
 OCC Lo-Fi Spring 2011 Collection
I also got opportunity to grab the newest spring colors of the lip gorgeous! I don't know how David keeps coming up with new awesome colors but I'm glad he's so obsessed with color.

Next stop was Smashbox...I know logically that I have enough lip glosses but I'm a lip gloss addict.  (Yes, I can admit it). So of course I had to check out their new lip gloss collection which lead to a purchase of 4 new glosses:
I also wanted some of Stila's new Sparkle Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner but they were practically sold out. I guess I can always buy online later but I wanted them in my hot hand immediately! LOL.

Then I stopped by to visity my friends Eric Kaiser and Shana King at Glamcor which provides "Innovative Cosmetic Systems" for the professional Makeup Artist (and Beauty Blogger).
 Me with Glamcor's Eric Kaiser
I heard about their company through the digital grapevine of Twitter and brought their new Classic Light Kit.  I have to say that this purchase has changed the quality of my YouTube videos tremendously!!! I look forward to using it on future photo shoots and on-location makeup jobs. Stay tuned for future blog post review on the Light Kit. I'm saving up for my next Glamcor purchase... their Mobile Studio Bag Set System and Brush Set. Actually, I want everything they make including this new Lighted Vanity:

I went to visit booths for other favorite cosmetic and skincare companies like Embryolisse and Jao to buy more kit essentials like Jao Goe Oil and Hand Refresher. If you read my previous product review of Jao's Goe Oil you know I'm crazy about this stuff!

I also checked out the new lip gloss colors at Armour Beauty, brainchild of rocker/model Theo Kogan.
 Me with Armour Beauty's Theo Kogan
I remember I met Theo at a Powder Group shopping event when she first started her line and I really liked her lip gloss. Theo melds high-end fashion with Rock-n-Roll attitude which is reflected in the colors and packaging. And yes folks, I brought yet another lip gloss... I did say I was a lip-gloss addict, right?!?!

I stopped by a few more booths but I realize this post is getting really long so here's pictures of my makeup and skincare haul for Day 1 of The Makeup Show:

Make sure to come back tomorrow to read my wrap-up of The Makeup Show- Day 2!!!