July 12, 2011

PRODUCT REVIEW - M.A.C._ Semi Precious Collection

"Imagine the impact, gleam and depth of colour as ethically mined minerals from Brazil work their mystique on Mineralize Skinfinish and Mineralize Blush. Limited edition....Get rich while you can!”

So I made a trip last week to the MAC Pro store to re-purchase a Pro product I ran out of. To my surprise it's been over a year since I last purchased anything from M.A.C. and my Pro card was expired. (Booo!)  But the good news is that I got chance to check out the new Semi Precious collection in person. I'm not a huge M.A.C. aficionado but I have to admit, most of the products in this collection are gorgeous!

Since I was already in the store I decided to play and swatch all the products in the collection....be prepared to fall in love. This collection of products launched online and in MAC stores last Wednesday so if you like any of the colors get out your credit card immediately!

[from left to right, indoor light and natural light]
"Quartz Fusion" - soft pink, silver and deep pink
"Jade's Fortune" - bright yellow, blue, lime and black
"Faux Gold" - coral, gold, lime and bronze
"Clarity" - light pink, off-white, green, gold and black
"Mineral Mode" - white base with copper and grey
"Unsurpassable" - green, teal, purple and copper
"Blue Sheen" - navy, black and peach
"Hint of Sapphire" - pink, violet, teal, copper and blue
"Rare Find" - violet, brown and gold

Missing from Display (SOLD OUT):
"Golden Glaze" - pink and gold
"Dark Indulgence" - forrest green and black
"Smoked Ruby" - burgundy and black'

 Lipstick ($20.00)
[from left to right, indoor light and natural light]
"Musky Amethyst" - deep plum (Frost)
"One of a Kind" - midtone rosy neutral (Lustre)
"Gem of Roses" - midtone strawberry pink (Lustre) SOLD OUT
"Lush Amber" -light nude beige (Lustre)

Cremesheen Glass  ($18.50)
[from left to right, indoor light and natural light]
"Richly Revered" - deep plum brown
"Looks Like Sin" -midtone reddish plum
"Geo Pink" - strawberry pink
"Natural Flare" - light caramel nude
"Pure Magnificence" - light grey pink

Mineralize Blush  ($23.50)
[from left to right, indoor light and natural light]
"Warmth of Coral" - coral and peach
"Pressed Amber" - nude, beige and brown
"Feeling Flush" - pink, deep blue pink, and brown SOLD OUT

Mineralize Skinfinish  ($28.50)
[colors from left to right - base, inner circle and mixed with indoor light and natural light]
"Semi Precious Crystal Pink" - Base: pink champagne, Inner Circle: pink, dirty green and bronze
"Semi Precious Pearl" - Base: beige champagne, Inner Circle: white, plum and bronze SOLD OUT
"Rose Quartz" - Base: rosy pink, Inner Circle: deep blue pink, and brown SOLD OUT 
"Semi Precious Goldstone" - Base: brown, Inner Circle: rosy pink, white, and gold 

Semi Precious Skin

Mineralized Charged Water ($22.00)
Mineralize SatinFinish spf 15 Foundation ($29.50)
Mineralize Face + Body Lotion ($29.50) SOLD OUT

Also part of the Semi Precious collection were two new brushes: # 179 Angled Split Fibre Buffer Brush ($47.00) and Split Fibre Blush Brush ($32.00)

My top picks from the M.A.C. Semi Precious collection are as follows:
Mineralize Eyeshadows in “Blue Sheen”, “Hint of Sapphire”, "Rare Find" and "Clarity"
Mineralize Skinfinishes in “Semi Precious Pearl” and “Semi Precious Gold Stone”
Semi-Precious Lipstick in “Lush Amber” and "One of a Kind"

Cremesheen Gloss in “Natural Flare” and “Geo Pink”
Mineralize Charged Water and Mineralize Face + Body Lotion

The only product I didn't like for myself was the Mineralize Blushes - they looked chalky and ashy on my deep skin tone. Not one of the colors worked which was disappointing. I especially loved the the Mineralize Eye Shadows...I tried to duplicate their color and effect using other mineral products but it just didn't work. Guess I'll have to pay full price for those little gems. I also really liked the Mineralize Skinfinishes as well - I would use them as highlighter or layer over blush though, instead of over my whole face.

So what do you think dear Readers? Are any of you planning to buy products from this MAC Limited Edition collection? I've heard through the social network "grapevine" that this is a much anticipated collection and its going fast so if you like anything, I'd advise buying it ASAP my darlings.  Happy shopping!!!