May 21, 2010


Hello my Lovelies!

One year and 50 blog posts later I'm finally able to say "Happy Blogiversary to me!!!"  Technically my Blogiversary was on May 17th, but with my coverage of The Makeup Show, the celebratory date got pushed back a bit. It's been an incredible year filled with both highs and lows and I greatly appreciate you all coming along on the ride. I've learned alot about the blogging world but more importantly I've learned alot about myself.  I've learned that if you feel passionate about what you're doing you don't let anything stop you.

So my dear Readers this is just the beginning...I plan on bringing you more of what you want and need to know in the world of beauty.  If you like what I'm doing please, continue to spread the word about Karen's World of Beauty.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your comments, questions and most of all support!  And as a way to thank my lovely "Karen's World of Beauty" Readers and to celebrate of my Beauty Blog's one year anniversary I'm giving away over $150 worth of beauty booty!!! 

Here’s a list of all the beauty goodies I'm giving away for my Blogiversary:
  1. M.A.C.  - Lustre Lipstick in "Red Full-Stop"  
  2. M.A.C. - Dazzleglass in "Get Rich Quick"  
  3. Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics - Artiste Kit in "Romanticism" which includes: Blush: "Sherbet" and "Blossom"; Eye Shadow: "Alabaster", "Golden Beryl" and "Penny"; Lip Shine: "Brilliance", "Glorious", and "Mesmerize"
  4. Stila Cosmetics - Illuminating Finishing Powder in "Bronze"
  5. L'Oreal - 24-hour Lash Boosting Power System
  6. L'Oreal - Voluminious Original Mascara in "Blackest Black"  
  7. L'Oreal Studio Secrets - Secret No. 1 Magic Perfecting Base
  8. L'Oreal -H.I.P. Metallic Shadow Duo in  "Platinum #906" and "Gilded #806"    
  9. L'Oreal - H.I.P. Color Presso gloss in "Spunky #680" and "Chic #280"
  10. Bonus: Sampler of Youngblood Mineral Cosmetic - Mineral Foundations
Here’s How to Enter:
1) To enter to win you must subscribe to To subscribe just click the "Follow" button located on the Right Column of my Blog. Once you join (via Google Friend Connect) your username/pic should show up in my list of Followers.

2) You must answer the following question about "Karen's World of Beauty" Blog: 
  •  What are some of my favorite products? (Your answer MUST list at least 2 by name).
All the answers are listed in my previous blog posts so if you've been a consistent Reader it should be easy. Hint: You can search this blog site and/or use Labels to find information.

3) Leave a comment with your answer, user name and email address by the contest deadline of 12am on Friday, June 18, 2010.

4) For those Readers who are already subscribed to my Blog just leave a comment stating "I'm a Karen's World of Beauty Subscriber" along with your answer, user name and the email address you used to sign up for my blog.

Other Contest Info:
** US Residents only (and your comment must be in English).
** Winner will be chosen at random.
** Comments posted after the deadline won’t be included in the drawing.
** If you win, you must respond to my email with your mailing address within a week after the end of the drawing in order to receive your prize. I am not responsible for anything that happens once prizes are mailed out. If it gets lost, damaged or melts, etc., I'm sorry but I can’t replace it.

Thanks again and good luck to you all!!!

Karen (aka MakUpDiva)

May 18, 2010


Hello my Lovely Readers...I'm back with details from Day 2 of The Makeup Show in New York!  After being awake until 4:30am uploading pictures and writing my blog post after Day 1  I was exhausted. I slept longer than planned but still arrived at The Makeup Show in time to have a full and exciting day. Without further delay here's my rundown of events:

The Main Floor of Metropolitan Pavillon was packed! There were people everywhere...all the vendors looked very busy. I've been coming to The Makeup Show since it's inception in 2005 and each year the Show just gets better and better. Unfortunately I missed the Main Floor Seminar, "The Bulletproof Bride: Durable Bridal Makeup" being presented by the incredibly knowledgeable, Kevin James Bennett of Make Up For Ever. I was early for the presentation by the lovely and gifted Ms. Valerie P. Hernandez for Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics though.
Valerie's presentation was also on Bridal Beauty so I did get some helpful tips for my bridal clients.  See below for a few pics of the products used and the final results. I'll be doing a separate beauty blog review of Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics in the near future.  It's the Rolls Royce of mineral makeup lines.
During her presentation Valerie used a product from the new, soon to be "phenome" cosmetic line, Mai Couture.  I featured the line in my blog post from Day 1 of The Makeup Show. Thought it was smart to add to my kit while they were in New York so went back to their booth to buy another blush color. I"m totally in love with their Face Papiers! I had to take a picture with the President of the company, Mai Tran (I'm wearing the Blush Papier in "Uptown"). A full Product Review of this line will be posted soon folks!

The Makeup Show is a great place to bump into the "who's who" in the Beauty Industry.  I was walking by the L'Oreal Paris booth when I ran into their Celebrity Hair Stylist, Mr. Johnny LaVoy.  I know Johnny from my days of taking Makeup classes at The Powder Group (TPG).  Everyone associated with TPG has really grown over the past few years. Proud to say I'm a Powder Group alum!

Next on my list of cosmetic companies to visit was Obessive Compulsive Cosmetics (O.C.C.). If you're a long-time fan of "Karen's World of Beauty "blog then you know who David Klasfield is and how terrific  O.C.C. products are.  In addition to being an incredibly talented and brilliant Artist, David is one of the kindest, most generous and laid-back person I know.
His innovative product, Lip Tars, have taken the Fashion and Beauty world by storm since their introduction during Fashion Week in Feb 2009 (see my previous post/review of Lip Tars).  Even more colors have been added to the already amazing lineup. I'll be posting an updated Review of the Lip Tars including swatches shortly.

I then headed off to participate in TPG Pro members-only event, "Portfolio and Website Review" with Michael DeVellis.  In this session The Powder Group Founder Michael DeVellis, discusses the two most important ways of promoting your work; your online presence and your print portfolio. It was extremely informative and I'm happy to say my portfolio was one of the "good" examples. Michael has known me since I first started doing makeup professional so to have him compliment my work and my advancement in the makeup field felt really, really rewarding. I've made so many sacrifices for my craft it's good to know that it hasn't been in vain.
I also ran into James Vincent -  Celebrity Makeup Artist, TPG Presenter and Director of Artisty for "On Makeup" magazine. James has played a vital role in my development as a professional Makeup Artist. He was the first Artist I ever assisted on a professional photo shoot and helped me learn what it takes to be the Key Makeup Artist for a fashion show. I love him to death!!!!

Back to the Main floor I made my final loop around the  vendors. I was looking for a replacement for my cream foundation palette but since Cinema Secrets (one of my favs) wasn't there I decided to check out Graftobian.  They had some really great palettes too but since I only needed to replace 1 or 2 colors I didn't buy anything. Now I'm regretting that I didn't just buy 2 or 3 new palettes. They were really nice.
I swatched colors from three palettes, from Top to Bottom: Warm Palette #3, Cool Palette #2 and Specialty Neutral Palette

Another newbie beauty brand that I discovered at The Makeup Show was BFR-Beauty For Real.  I didn't get a chance to swatch their lip products since the Show was ending but I really love the innovation of the line and the colors looked gorgeous. I'm including a pic of the display so you can get an visual idea of what I'm talking about. I'll be doing further investigation on this line so stay tuned.

And for those curious folks out there, here's picture of my haul of beauty products from Day 2 at The Makeup Show:

Everyone was packing up to go home so that ended my spending spree/review of The Makeup Show. I hope you Readers enjoyed taking this voyage with me. Until next year my friends!

May 17, 2010


I can't believe it's been a year since the last Makeup Show but the calendar doesn't lie! I wanted to share the experience of what it's like to attend The Makeup Show in New York for all those aspiring Makeup Artists as well as the everyday women that loves beauty.  As usual, when The Makeup Show comes around I'm stressed and sick (see post from last year) but I didn't let it stop me.  I wanted to see the latest products from my favorite cosmetic brands, new beauty lines, Makeup Artist friends and Beauty Bloggers so I pushed through the pain and here's a visual account of how the day went:

First stop was at Smashbox Cosmetics was packed but I managed to swatch some of their Lip Enhancing Gloss and new Limitless Eye Liners:
Top Row: (Light Gloss Collection) Illume, Orbit, Radiant, Aura
Middle Row: (Medium Gloss Collection): Pixel, Expose, 35 MM, Capture
Bottom Row: (Dark Gloss Collection): Starlit, Tease, Sultry, Electric
Limitless Eye Liner: Onyx (black), Java (dark brown), Black Violet (deep purple), Indigo Ink (deep navy), Peacock (teal)

I also went by the Face Atelier booth to check out their new Ultra Foundation for Women of Color.  Here's a swatch of the new colors:
Top to Bottom: Zero Plus Plus, Heat, #10, #11 mink, #12 sable

Next up was another one of my favorite brands, Stila Cosmetics. I ran into Sarah Lucero, "stila's celebrity makeup artist extraordinaire," who I first met at the NY Fashion Week Blogger Event this February.
Most of the products I wanted was sold out...I was soooo lusting after these new Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liners:
From Top to Bottom: purple tang (Purple with Shimmer), peacock (Cobalt Blue), moray (Olive with Shimmer), blue ribbon (Navy Grey), lionfish (Brown with Shimmer), silverdollar (Metallic Silver), koi (Metallic Gold)

I did get the chance to finally buy my Long Wear Lip Color in "Intriguing"(fuschia) -- it had been sold out forever! I was also able to pick up "One Step Correct" a new product that will be launched in September.  It's a skin tone correcting and brightening serum. Lucky me, I able to buy the last "preview"one available!

A brand that I first met at The Makeup Show last year has become my new love - Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics. Their Lead Makeup Artist Valerie P. Hernadez is truly talented and the sweetest person you'll ever meet. I got to know her better when I covered the NYFW Show for Designer Lois Samuels. Youngbood Mineral Cosmetics was the cosmetic sponsor and their products were used exclusively for the Show. (More info to come on Ms. Hernandez and this beauty brand!)

Below is pic of all the color cosmetics products I purchased and some free L'oreal swag. I was the model of restraint and only purchased things that I really needed or lusted after.  I stuck to my budget and I'm so proud!  I also stocked up on Makeup Artist staples from Alcone like brush cleaner, sponges, puffs, etc.  Nothing glamorous so I didn't post a picture.

I also had the opportunity to meet a new beauty brand, Mai Couture, that I'll be covering in a later post. Here's a sneak preview of their beauty products:

I also ran into a bunch of my Makeup Artist, Beauty Blogger and TPG (The Powder Group) friends.  It's always like a reunion at The Makeup Show. I really enjoyed myself despite being under-the-weather. I can't wait to go back and experience Day 2 tomorrow. Stay tuned Readers!!!!

May 11, 2010

SUMMER LUVIN' - Summer 2010 Beauty Collections

Here's the run-down of new cosmetic collections debuing this summer. There's tons of gorgeous goodies to choose from but most are Limited Editions so get your credit cards ready! Once they're gone, they're don't want to be trolling Ebay and paying triple the price for that "must have" product you let slip out of your hands. Trust me! I've been there, and done that my friends. 

CHANEL:  Summer 2010 Makeup Collection - "Les Pop-Up De Chanel" (Limited Edition)
The standout shades of the season: pops of neon-bright lip and nail colour, luminous bronzing powders and more.
Le Vernis (Nail Colour) in "Riviera", "Nouvelle Vague" & "Mistral"  $23
Rouge Allure (Luminous Satin Lip Color) in "Genial", "Darling" and "Super" $30
Gloss Fluo de Chanel (Brillant Lip Shine) in "Pop" & "Laser" $27
Levres Scintillantes (Glossimer) in "Bikini Peach" $27
Rouge Allure (luminous Satin Lip Colour Lipshine spf 15) in "Bondi" $28.50
Aqualumiere Gloss (High Shine Sheer Concentrate) in "Bondi Beach" $28.50
Soleil Tan de Chanel (sheer illuminating fluid) in "Sunkissed" $48
Soleil Tan de Chanel (Moisturizing Bronzing Powder) in "Terre D'or", "Terre Halee", "Terre Epice" & "Terre Ambre" $50
Les 4 Ombres (quadra eyeshadow) in "Demure" $56
Inimitable Waterproof (multi-dimensional mascara) in Noir $30

CLARINS:  "Instant Sun Light" Summer 2010 Collection
Inspired by the colors of spices for intoxicating light and warmth. For women who want a sun-kissed look all year 'round or to enhance a beautiful tan during summer months.
Instant Sun Light Eye Quartet and Liner Palette $36.00
Instant Sun Light Click & Gloss SPF 6 in "01 Vanilla", "02 Coral" and "03 Cinnamon" $18.00
Instant Smooth Compact Highlighter  in "01 Natural" and  "02 Bronze" $32.00
Waterproof Eye Pencil in "02 Bronze" $23

DIOR:    "Summer Look" Collection 2010
Inspired by the colors of John Galliano's fashion shows and the energy of Dior Addict Ultra Gloss. It highlights must-have products with irresistible, glowing and instant radiance.
"Addicted to Dior" Lip Gloss Luggage Tag in "Addicted Pink 002" $60
5-Colour Iridescent Eyeshadow  in "Crush Glow 659" $58
'One Color Extreme' Eyeshadow in "Golden Spotlight"  $28
'Smoothing Lacquer' Lip Polish  in "Radiance Expert Beige 001", "Fresh Expert Pink 002", and "Glow Expert Coral 003" $29.50

ESTEE LAUDER:  "Bronze Goddess" Summer 2010 Collection
Eyes sparkle...bright lips beckon in tempting shades. All illuminated with a heavenly sun-kissed glow.  This summer, the heat is on. Unleash your inner goddess.
Exotic Bronzing Blush $35,    Luminous Liquid Bronzer $28.50
Liquid EyeShadow in "Aqua Flash", "Ultra Violet", "Molten Bronze" and "Sand Shimmer" $17.50
New! Sumptuous Waterproof Bold Volume™ Lifting Mascara $19.50
Exotic Lip Gloss in "Wild Orchid" and "Wild Coral" $18
Pure Color GLoss Stick in "Wild Plum" and "Cherry Ice" $18.50
Pure Color Nail Lacquer in "Wild Orchid" $18
Bronze Goddess Eau Fraîche Skinscent $52

LANCOME:  "Bronze Riviera" - Summer 2010 Color Collection
A Playful Glow of Bronze. A Celebratory Pop of Pink.  Be lavished in shades of gold and bronze that jet you away to the beautiful places and faces of the Riviera. The most luxurious elements of nature all come together now to create this summer’s hottest color collection—with pops of pink to add a happy play of color to any look.
Sensational Effects Eye Shadow Compact, Bronze Riviera Palette for Summer 2010 -  "Pink Party Pretty" ($45)
Le Crayon Khôl Waterproof  Dual Ended Eyeliners in  "Sultry in Sunset" and "Sassy in Sunrise" $28.00
Color Design -Sensational Effects Lipcolor in "Summer Nude", "Sweetly Pink" and "Pink Splash" $22
Juicy Tubes 100% Natural Origin Ultra Shiny Lip Gloss in "Pink Precious", "Blushing Beauty", "Rose Pretty" and "Sheerfully Sweet" ($18)
Le Lipstique LipColouring Stick with Brush "Sultry Nude" $23.50
Le Vernis Divine Lasting Color & Shine polish in "Ms. Perfectly Pink" $18
Tropiques Minérale Bamboo Bronzer  in "Temptingly Bronze" $45
Tropiques Minérale - All Over Magic Bronzing Brush $33
Brightening Mineral Powder Blush With White Sapphire Complex™ in "Sparkling Sand", "Brillant Berry" and "Luminous Rose" $29.50

LAURA MERCIER:  "Sun Drenched" Summer 2010 Collection
The focus is on the body with an allover healthy glow, while cheeks are warm with a well-rested complexion. Lips are drenched with bold shades of fuchsia, coral or naked beige and multicolored neutrals accent the eyes.
'Bronzing' Pressed Powder  in "Sun Bronze", "Dune Bronze", "Golden Bronze" and "Matte Bronze" $32.00
Lustre Eye Colour in "Sandbar", "Marina" and "Sundown" $22.00
Lip Glacé in "Glistening Sand", "Heat Wave" and "Bon Bon" $22.00
Bronzing Gel  $32.00
Body Bronzing Makeup $38.00

NARS:  Summer 2010 - "Effortless Sophistication" collection
Inspired by Catherine Deneuve's character Severine in the iconic film "Belle de Jour". Francois Nars says "her character is incredibly beautiful and elegant. Her look is effortless -- she has an incredible inner sophistication."
Duo Eyeshadow in "Burn It Blue" $32
Cream Eyeshadow in "Cayenne" $22.00
Cream Blush in "Enchanted" $26
Lip gloss in "Coup de Coeur" $24
Lipstick "Love Devotion" $24
The Multiple in "Lamu" $38
Nail Polish in "Versailles" $16

SHU UEMURA:  "Gem Glam" 2010 Summer Collection
Inspired by the dazzling brilliance and alluring colors of precious gemstones, the shu uemura 2010 summer makeup collection invites you to let your summer beauty sparkle through a flawless, luminous complexion, multifaceted eyes and radiant lips.
Gem Glam Pressed Eye Shadow in "P 450" (pearl pastel sea green) "G silver"(sparkling silver), "G gold" (sparkling gold) and  "G rainbow" (sparkling pink-tone white)  $20
Gem Glam Cream Eye Shadow in "P pearl light pink", "P pearl ivory" and "P pearl light purple"  $30
Gem Glam Flawless Glow Powder  $55)
Gem Glam Vinyl Unlimited Lipgloss in "PK 327" (soft pink lacquer) and "OR 521" (coral pink lacquer)  $20

 YVES SAINT LAURENTYSL Summer Collection 2010
For the summer, the YSL woman embodies fantasy and freshness. Cheerful and light, the colors are a play on transparency to express freedom with a touch of elegance.
 'Terre Saharienne' Bronzing Powder in "#01 Sand",  "#02 Copper Sand" and "#03 Golden Sand"  $50.00
 'Fard Lumiere Aquaresistant' Waterproof Cream Eyeshadow  in "Riveria Blue", "Pink Sands" and "Golden Sands"  $30.00
'Gloss Pur' Pure Lip Gloss in "#03 Pure Coral, "#04 Pure Raspberry", "#07 Pure Sorbet", "#09 Pure Hibiscus", and "#10 Pure Redcurrant"  $30.00
Waterproof Mascara in "Blue Lagoon"  $30.00
La Laque "Long-Lasting Nail Lacquer in "#142 Ultra Orange" and "#42 Ultra Violet"  $20

May 4, 2010


Unfortunately I'm a bit of a procrastinator so if you're like me and haven't gotten your Mom a gift for Mother's Day yet - don't worry. Here's my list of top beauty, skincare, and bath products to bring a smile to any Mother's face. 
Clarisonic/Philosophy Value Set  ($225)
An ensemble featuring Clarisonic's professional-caliber sonic technology and Philosophy's serious skin solutions for radiant, makeup-optional skin. Transform skin's complexion with this state-of-the-art, all-inclusive set. Contains:
  • Clarisonic® PLUS with three speeds
  • Universal Charging Cradle for international use
  • Sensitive Brush Head
  • Body Brush Head
  • Clarisonic Normal Brush Head
  • Philosophy® Amazing Grace Perfumed Shampoo, Bath & Shower Gel
  • Philosophy Purity Made Simple Cleanser
  • Philosophy Hope In A Jar
NARS - So Famous Set ($44)
Get your Mom this set featuring famed NARS shades to achieve a sophisticated radiance. A touch of blush in "Deep Throat" gives cheeks a delicate shimmering flush, while lips will have the perfect pink-beige coloring with "Bettina" Velvet Matte Lip Pencil. Complete the look with the ultimate multi-tasker, mini Multiple in "Orgasm", which bestows an on-the-go glow for eyes, cheeks, or lip.
The Body Shop - Creamy Coconut Bathe Beautiful (sale - $24.50)
Treat Mom to a tropical paradise with a gift of our creamy, silky, and exotic Coconut bath and body products made with Community Trade organic pure cold-pressed virgin coconut oil. Includes:
  • Coconut Shower Cream
  • Coconut Body Butter
  • Coconut Body Scrub
  • Coconut Soap
  • Two-Toned Taupe/Cream Bath Lily
Sephora FavoritesEau Girl ($40)
Sephora gathered their best sellers in various beauty categories and packed them into one-of-a-kind kits. This limited-edition set features deluxe samples of handpicked, top-selling women's fragrances that are perfectly-sized for the lady about town. From fresh citruses to sweet florals, this kit offers a scent to match your every mood. Contains:
  • Michael Kors Very Hollywood Eau de Parfum
  • Clean Eau de Parfum
  • Calvin Klein euphoria Eau de Parfum
  • Givenchy Very Irresistible Eau de Toilette
  • Yves Saint Laurent Parisienne Eau de Parfum
  • Bvlgari Omnia Crystalline Eau de Toilette
  • Gucci Flora Eau de Parfum
  • Tocca Cleopatra Eau de Parfum
Voluspa Candles - Victoria Candle Gift Set ($68)
The complete collection of Voluspa Victoria fragrant candles, each candle packaged beautifully in a decorative metal container. Presented in a stunning black glossy box with embossed pattern. Included:
  • Tuberosa Agave (Mexican tuberose, blue orris, coconut milk, musk and vetiver)
  • Cult of Helios (Peruvian heliotrope and vanilla musk)
  • Pink Fatale (Pink grapefruit, juicy mandarin, arum lilies and cashmere)
  • Green Datura (Green vein datura, lemon, green apple and freesia)
  • Vanity (Mimosa, amber resin, sugar cane and raspberry)
  • Corsica (Frangipani, orange rind and white peppercorn)
  • Malayan Coco (Coconut Milk, Coconut Bark, Sandalwood, and Hinoki Wood
  • Fleur de Café (African Coffee Flower, spiced Chai Tea, fresh Crème, and Vanilla Bean)

Wishing a very Happy Mother's Day to all my Karen's World of Beauty Readers who are Mothers (or soon to be Mothers)!!!