May 18, 2009


After being sleep deprived most of the week I finally crashed. I missed almost all of day one of The Makeup Show. It started at 9am and I got there at 3:30pm. I ran into friend and mentor Michael DeVellis, the Creator of The Makeup Show, The Powder Group and On Makeup Magazine. He looked cool, calm and collected despite this being one of the biggest shows to date with 75 vendors and over a thousand attendees. I was really sorry and mad that I missed his “Marketing You” presentation with Crystal Wright. I made a quick circuit of the vendors to see what companies were there and what they had. I saw another Makeup Industry friend David Klasfeld, the creative genius behind the brand Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics. His booth was busy as usual and he was almost completely sold out of his latest and wildly popular product "Lip Tars". He was kind enough to give me a set (I will be posting pics and reviewing them later). I also brought a new air brush machine. It's smaller and mercifully lighter than the one I currently use. After a loop around the Main floor I went upstairs to The Level to hear Gordon Espinet of M.A.C. give a presentation on Makeup Trends for Fall/Winter 2009. It was great hearing from someone who worked with the Designers to create the looks for the Runway Shows. When the presentation ended I went back downstairs to do some makeup shopping. I wait all year for this chance to see the latest products and get extra "show special" discount pricing. Unfortunately this show is restricted to professionals working in the Beauty Industry and press, not the consumer. I did some serious damage with my credit card! LOL. I also ran into some more Makeup Artist friends I hadn't seen since last year's Show. Dragged my makeup haul home and then get ready for the secret after party tonight.

Part II
I got to Fontana’s around 9:30pm and saw some of The Powder Group/Makeup Show team. I met one of my favorite beauty bloggers, Felicia Walker Benson of and we chatted most of the night. It’s great networking with people who share your same passion. Felicia’s also turned me on to a powerful tool…”Red Sinner” lipstick by Poppy King, the Lipstick Queen. I never liked red lipstick for myself but I got to see first-hand the magical power of that product on a beautiful brown girl like me. Let me just say that men will spend lots of money to buy you drinks and chat you up when you wear it. LOL! After that I decided it was getting late and headed in cab to my home in Brooklyn. A fun, eventful day and I’m looking forward to more fabulousness tomorrow!

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