May 17, 2010


I can't believe it's been a year since the last Makeup Show but the calendar doesn't lie! I wanted to share the experience of what it's like to attend The Makeup Show in New York for all those aspiring Makeup Artists as well as the everyday women that loves beauty.  As usual, when The Makeup Show comes around I'm stressed and sick (see post from last year) but I didn't let it stop me.  I wanted to see the latest products from my favorite cosmetic brands, new beauty lines, Makeup Artist friends and Beauty Bloggers so I pushed through the pain and here's a visual account of how the day went:

First stop was at Smashbox Cosmetics was packed but I managed to swatch some of their Lip Enhancing Gloss and new Limitless Eye Liners:
Top Row: (Light Gloss Collection) Illume, Orbit, Radiant, Aura
Middle Row: (Medium Gloss Collection): Pixel, Expose, 35 MM, Capture
Bottom Row: (Dark Gloss Collection): Starlit, Tease, Sultry, Electric
Limitless Eye Liner: Onyx (black), Java (dark brown), Black Violet (deep purple), Indigo Ink (deep navy), Peacock (teal)

I also went by the Face Atelier booth to check out their new Ultra Foundation for Women of Color.  Here's a swatch of the new colors:
Top to Bottom: Zero Plus Plus, Heat, #10, #11 mink, #12 sable

Next up was another one of my favorite brands, Stila Cosmetics. I ran into Sarah Lucero, "stila's celebrity makeup artist extraordinaire," who I first met at the NY Fashion Week Blogger Event this February.
Most of the products I wanted was sold out...I was soooo lusting after these new Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liners:
From Top to Bottom: purple tang (Purple with Shimmer), peacock (Cobalt Blue), moray (Olive with Shimmer), blue ribbon (Navy Grey), lionfish (Brown with Shimmer), silverdollar (Metallic Silver), koi (Metallic Gold)

I did get the chance to finally buy my Long Wear Lip Color in "Intriguing"(fuschia) -- it had been sold out forever! I was also able to pick up "One Step Correct" a new product that will be launched in September.  It's a skin tone correcting and brightening serum. Lucky me, I able to buy the last "preview"one available!

A brand that I first met at The Makeup Show last year has become my new love - Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics. Their Lead Makeup Artist Valerie P. Hernadez is truly talented and the sweetest person you'll ever meet. I got to know her better when I covered the NYFW Show for Designer Lois Samuels. Youngbood Mineral Cosmetics was the cosmetic sponsor and their products were used exclusively for the Show. (More info to come on Ms. Hernandez and this beauty brand!)

Below is pic of all the color cosmetics products I purchased and some free L'oreal swag. I was the model of restraint and only purchased things that I really needed or lusted after.  I stuck to my budget and I'm so proud!  I also stocked up on Makeup Artist staples from Alcone like brush cleaner, sponges, puffs, etc.  Nothing glamorous so I didn't post a picture.

I also had the opportunity to meet a new beauty brand, Mai Couture, that I'll be covering in a later post. Here's a sneak preview of their beauty products:

I also ran into a bunch of my Makeup Artist, Beauty Blogger and TPG (The Powder Group) friends.  It's always like a reunion at The Makeup Show. I really enjoyed myself despite being under-the-weather. I can't wait to go back and experience Day 2 tomorrow. Stay tuned Readers!!!!


  1. Nice stash!

    Hope day II yields awesome finds and bargains.

    I am loving the Mai Couture blush papers. I got Sunset Blvd - a gorgeous peach pink. It is an ingenious product made for gals on the go! Totally great for summer.

    Definitely feeling the Stila long wearing liners. Man, they stay put!

  2. You bought some great stuff. I missed you at the show.

  3. I literally trampled sarah lucero... then decided It would be best not to introduce myself. haha! You're right too, smashbox was slammed the whole time. Ugh...
    Maybe I'll get to meet you next year!

  4. Thank you lovely ladies!

    Glad you liked my product picks from The Makeup Show. I'm always willing to share when it comes to beauty info!!!

    There were alot of people I was supposed to meet up with at The Makeup Show but it's so crazy hectic you get caught up in beauty vortex. LOL. Next year we should do Meet Up at The Show.

    Thanks for reading my beauty blog & leaving comments. I truly appreciate the support.

    Karen (aka MakUpDiva)