March 25, 2010


In this tutorial I will demo how to contour and highlight your face in a way that's subtle and natural for everyday wear. Usually I prefer to use foundation (either liquid or cream) instead of powder to contour and highlight but I will also demo using powder in Part II video below.

Cinema Secrets Ultimate Foundation Pallete - Kit #8 & #11  ($21)
Provides a soft natural matte finish and spreads further than most other foundations. It covers like a thin second skin and won't cake or crease. It's water and sweat resistant and won't stain clothes.


It Cosmetics - My Sculpted Face Combo Palette & Mini Buffer Brush ($45)
The palette comes with 4 contouring shades designed to match all skin tones and 2 highlighting shades in both shimmer and matte. My Sculpted Face comes with a full color chart so you always have a personal reference chart that teaches you where to apply the highlighting and contour shades to bring out the features you want more prominent, and minimize the features you want to draw attention away from!

Contour & Highlight Tips:
•    Always use a matte shade for contouring!  If you try to hide a double chin by using a contour shade that has a shimmer in it (like a shimmer bronzer for example), it will attract light and can actually make that area look bigger!
•    Use a buffer brush or firm blush brush for applying dark contour shades.  Use a powder or fan brush for applying your highlighting shades.

•    Use technique of Contour and Highlight to:
    o    Slim or Straighten your nose
    o    Enhance your cheekbones
    o    Camouflage double chin
    o    Minimize big forehead

Hope this answers any questions you might have had about contour and highlighting. If not, please feel free to send me an email or leave your question as a Comment. Thanks!!!

Model: Shauna Blaize
Videographer: Amanda Taylor Duncan

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