April 2, 2012


Spring is indeed here even if the weather doesn't seem to know (at least not here in New York...it's cold & windy). During this time of year the makeup counters have all the latest spring beauty collections to bring your makeup to life with new colors and formulas.  Unfortunately most of these collections are Limited Edition so if you see something you love definitely BUY IT or you'll be hunting it down on Ebay and paying double. Trust me, I've been there and done that. Happy shopping all!!!!

DIOR"Garden Party"The brand pays homage to Mr. Dior's passion for flowers and gardens with its Spring Collection Garden Party. A fresh spring bouquet of delicate pinks, soft greens & sweet violets. 

ESTEE LAUDER"Bronze Goddess Capri"
A new collection of sunlit color and fragrance inspired by the seductive beauty of the Isle of Capri.

LANCÔME "Roseraie des Delices"

For Spring 2012, Lancome is delighted to invite you to a makeup garden party! Inspired by a sumptuous garden party, this collection melts macaroons and sweets with nail polish and lipsticks. This collection was created by Aaron de Mey and inspired by the rose garden at the family home of Lancome founder, Armand Petitjean.

LAURA MERCIER "Lingerie Collection"
This season, Laura Mercier's inspiration comes from the soft romantic hues and fabrics of the Victorian Age. This modern interpretation showcases a color palette inspired by vintage boudoir lingerie.  The look is ultra-feminine with lips and cheeks done in shades of warm corals and modern peaches while eyes are alluring in neutral browns and taupe grays.

SHU UEMURA  – "Celestial Gardens"
The inspiration for this collection is "the world above the clouds, surrounded by overflowing positive energy, full of colors and full of light.  The same scenery, the same world can look so different, if seen with all your senses full open.  Unchain yourself, play with the colors, enjoy make-up, and above all enjoy precious moments that exist in your life".

YSL "Spring 2012 Collection"
An effervescent look of fresh colors, melting textures and transparent effects: a manifest of sweet, springtime shades created by Lloyd Simmonds for Yves Saint Laurent.

* Note - 1st photo in Blog post is of NARS 2012 Spring Collection but it hasn't launched yet...you can sign up to be emailed once products go "live" on their website by clicking here.