August 7, 2009


This week I had to the pleasure of making more beautiful, the lovely Amy Berken of TheBeautyChick. I work for a private makeup line, Bilkerdijk Cosmetics, which specializes in custom blend cosmetics that are a god-send to women who have a hard time finding their exact match in foundation and powder.

Amy was brave enough to let me take a picture of her sans makeup...not sure I would have the guts to do that.
Amy is very fair and told me she has a problem finding foundation to match her skin color so I wanted to custom blend her exact match of foundation, not only for her skin color but for her skin type. I also created a matching mineral powder that she can use with her liquid foundation or alone with just alittle concealer.

I created a warm, slightly bronze look for Amy that was perfect for her paler skintone. I wanted it to be soft so that Amy wouldn't look too fake or overdone. I hate when people OD on bronzer or use too dark a just doesn't look good.


Prepped skin with Non-alcohol Toner then moisturized in T-Zone with Oil-Control Moisturizer and then used on the rest of her face Vitamin E Cream. Used a mix of Concealers in "Natural" and "Beige" to cover her under-eye circles/darkness then used Custom Blend Foundation and Custom Blend Mineral Face Powder.

To bronze her face I used "Light" Bronzing Powder and "Gold Coast" Cheek Duo. I added alittle "Kalypso Coral" Powder Blush as pop of color on cheek.

On eyes used "Buttercream" Eyeshadow Foursome topped with alittle "Sand Beige" Loose Eye Dust. For liner used "Marcasite" (metallic grey) Waterproof Gel Eyeliner. Used Lash Thickner/Primer on eyelashes, then 1 coat of "Black" masacara , curled lashes and added 1 more coat of mascara.

Lined her lips with "Tangerine" Waterproof Lipliner then softened color with touch of foundation. Top with #66 Lipgloss (light coral shimmer) and add alittle #59 Lipgloss (pinky gold shimmer) in center of lip.

Here we are with our "Bilkerdijk Glow." LOL!

I was trying to capture Amy posing outside the Salon but you can clearly see me reflected in the display window. (Hey, I'm a Makeup Artist...I never said I was a photographer).

Where the "Magic" happens. LOL.

So if you're one of many women having a hard time finding that perfect shade of foundation or powder feel free to visit me at Bilkerdijk Cosmetics where I'll be more than happy to create a custom blend made just for YOU!


  1. Awesome look. Its so funny I recently complemented Amy on her new twitter profilepic...who knew it was your handy work :)

  2. you did a great job Amy is beautiful