June 18, 2009

HOT FOR HONEY! REVIEW of M.A.C.'s New "Naked Honey" Collection

Bees do it...now M·A·C does it! Honey, that is!

Last Thursday M.A.C. launched it's latest collection "Naked Honey" which consists of cosmetics, skincare and perfume. Below are pictures of the collection along with swatches of the product. Overall I didn't find this collection so outstanding. The cosmetic products were to close to colors that already exist in the M.A.C. lineup. I also thought the perfumes were too strong for my personal preference. I did like the Naked Honey Skin Salve which is similar to Elizabeth Arden's 8-hour creme and has a delicious honey sweet smell. What do you think of this latest collection?

LipGlass ($14)
Colors Left to Right: Queen Bee - mid-tone apricot w/multi-dimensional pearl, Buzz - dark copper brown w/multi-dimensional pearl and She's a Star - light neutral gold.

Colors with flash.

Eyeshadow ($14.50)
Colors Left to Right: Buckwheat Dark - copper brown with multi-dimensional pearl, Crème de Miel - Frosty light yellow gold, Pollinator - Mid-tone warm reddened peach with pearl.

Colors With Flash

Highlight Powder
($24.50) - A high-light powder specially created for the Naked Honey collection. It features an embossed honeycomb pattern — super-fine, impeccably pearlized. It creates soft high lights on cheek, brow, shoulders — anywhere on the body.
Colors Left to Right: Golden Nectar - Muted golden tan with gold shimmer and Honey Light - A light peachy gold with shimmer.

Colors With Flash


  1. To be perfectly honest, though I love MAC I do wonder and sometimes actually find their stuff to be recycled, same colors, just a new campaign. PS I usually like their campaigns but the picture above is...um...well leaves much to be desired. BORRRRING! Well the model anyway!

  2. You know, I totally skipped on this collection. I wanted the highlight powder but I wasn't convinced enough to actually pay for it lol