July 20, 2009

MY OBSESSION! BeautyTicket.com

I've discovered an incredible new discount website for purchasing everything you need to keep you looking beautiful. And what makes it truly amazing is that Beautyticket.com brings you premium beauty brands at unbelievably low prices -- up to 85% off retail prices every day! Curious how they can do this? It's simple, when beauty companies need to clear space for new promotions, seasonal items, new packaging, etc. BeautyTicket.com purchases the surplus and passes the savings along to it's clients. And let's face it in these challenging economic times "nothing is better than department store brands at drugstore prices!" But don't be slow because at these prices their brand name products sell out quickly. Check it out for yourself and you'll become a fan too!

Here's some of my favorite products from this week's newest arrivals:

Pop Beauty Bronze Belle Palette
$14.99 (reg. price $28.00)
Smashbox Hybrid 2-in-1 Lip Gloss in "Marigold"
$6.99 (reg. price $18.00)

So what are you going to buy this week? Don't forget to sign up for their weekly email updates.

1 comment:

  1. They had a YSL grab bag--$25 for over a $100 of stuff and it was really great stuff--universal colors so i didn't get stuck with something i wouldn't use--if they do it again--snap it up!